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Tips To Prevent your Computer Being Hacked

Tips To Prevent your Computer Being Hacked

Top 20 Security tools:

Nessus, Ethereal, Snort, Netcat, TCPdump, Hping, DNSiff, GFI LANguard, Ettercap, Nikto, John the Ripper, OpenSSH, TripWire, Kismet, NetFilter,
IP Filter, pf, fport, SAINT, OpenPGP.
These tools works on Linux and Xp.If your system is protected by these softwares then it is highly impossible for the hacker to hack your system.No virus can enter your system.
There are many steps to protect your system six steps are given below:

1.Install good Antivirus software.
2.Keep Operating system updates.
3.Get a Firewall system.
4.Conduct a vulnerability test.
5.Security policy.
6Avoid unnecessary network services

1)Get a Firewall system:

The basic function of firewall is to regulate flow from computer networks to different trusted levels.Firewall without properconstruction can become useless.Firewall is the first and major thing to keep hackers,viruses away.Firewall acts as a wall between your system and hacker.Whenever hacker wants to enter your system without your permission firewalls block hacker.And it will not give permission until request is granted by you.Many hackers uses trick to get passwords and other valuable information.They create fake login page.For example let us take orkut fake login page and this page is similar to orkut main page.Hacker sends this page to person which he wants to hack.If the person enters his password then this password mails to users account.This is the way what the hackers use.If your system is protected with firewalls then it will not accept you to enter your password.It blocks all fake scripts.Similarly they use invisible keylogger to hack yahoo .If your system well protected by Firewalls then it is difficult to the hacker to hack your system.

2)Operating system update:

Upgrade operating system regularly and frequently to avoid hacking.If your operating system is Microsoft upgrade it regularly. Microsoft provides latest patches or versions of software,spywares and many anti hacking updates.So better to buy genuine Xp or Vista version and update it regularly to avoid hacking.If your operating system is genuine then they provide all free softwares for you. GFI events manager which provides wide login network that retrieves login from any operating system (i.e XP/WIN NT/VISTA) etc.It detect attacks and malicious network users from hacking.It catches hackers red handedly

3)Install anti-virus software:

A virus is simply a program which infects files,drives and then router.Some virus are harmless .some may distroy files and some may steal your valuable data.If your system is connected to internet then you must use anti-virus software.When ever you switch on yourinternet huge amount of packets enters your system.Those packets contain viruses.As soon as they enter your system they hack cookies.Cookies contain valuable information.If your cookies got hacked then damm sure all your passwords got hacked.Few virus which are attached to emails and they request us to login our password.this is one type of hacking uses by the hacker.So in order to protect your passwords a good anti-virus software should be installed.

4)Conduct a vulnerability test:

This test is highly preferred by companies to protect valuable data from hacking.vulnerability test is little bit costly when compared to all other programs.But it provides high security than anti virus softwares.This tests mainly points to limitations and flaws in theprogram.The best method to conduct vulnerability is to contact system administrator or computer consultancy to provide access to your network or systems connected to your network for daily or twice a day.This provides high security to your files.Hacker cannot hack your valuable data.your system is totally protected.This is how to protect your system form hacker as well as from virus.

5)Avoid unnecessary network services:

While installing your system non essential softwares should be disabled or removed from system.If those softwares are not updated regularly it is better to uninstall that software.why because hacker always tries to find weakness in the softwares.After getting the weakness he uses those weakness for his advantages.This is what hacker do.After getting the weakness he may stole your passwordsand valuable data.So whenever you feel that this software is unnecessary better to remove those softwares.Or else it will create huge damage to you.

6)Security policy:

In this interconnected world every corporation needs high security policy.Threads exists not only from enterprises but also from
hackers.Companies,corporations must ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of their data in their field.This data can be protected by high security policy. Symantec Enterprise security manager provides good security for confidential files.It is difficult to hack these files.As well as virus cannot enter in to user system.This is a good way to protect your system from hacking as well as from virus.
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