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20 reasons to join Twitter

1) It can create traffic for your blog or Website
2) It helps to make Connections
3) It's a Good Learning Tool

4) It can help build your personal “brand.”
5) It helps you to Keep UP with the "latest"
6) It’s the Next Big Thing

7) You can interact with your readers and get advices
8) You can tweet to your entire list from your phone
9) Get Real Time Information

10) You can do your General Research / Surveys
11) You can get an SEO Advantage
12) It ignites New Ideas

13) Its FREE and you can have Fun with it!
14) Consider it as Word of Mouth Advertising
15) You can check out what people think about you or your business

16) It can Save You Money
17) It can help you Relieve your loneliness ;o)
18) Its Fast and Easy

19) It can help you Monitor and grow your business
20) Lastly, Twitter can be a Great Marketing Tool
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