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Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt has often recognized that the headlines referring to the burning question has sown the seeds of the film in their minds. And the Crook: Its Good To Be Bad, directed by Mohit Suri of talent, one of these cases dealt with racism in Australia. Well, the description of racism in Hindi screen is not completely new, because I am - proud of India to investigate the matter monsoon ago. In reality, the issue has received only get worse in the post 9 / 11 Film Crook as highly significant, because the situation of Indian students in Australia continue to make headlines to this day.

Known for their high-concept film, new Bhatt brothers tour Crook, unfortunately, deal with the issue of lack of enthusiasm. Sure, you can expect more Bhatts as they are known to call a spade a spade, but the problem is that the message Crook did not encounter strong. This is because the objective is to find a balance between love story and the problem of racism. In fact, take a very long stick the bull by the horns (see the racism problem) and when it does, it leaves a big impact. In fact, its all superficial. Bhatts are also synonymous with melodious music, film after film, but unlike previous attempts, the music does not have the quality to stay in memory Crook.

In short, Crook stumbles upon a half effort. Crook says Jai (Emraan Hashmi), who have the ability to get into trouble. His father was a gangster who wanted reform, but was killed by police. When Jai grows, Joseph (Gulshan Grover), a friend of his father to send him to Australia - a country far away from his past. Almost immediately after landing, Jai meets Suhan (Neha Sharma), an Indian in Australia. His older brother, Samarth (Arjan Bajwa) is convinced that Australians are one point agenda to bring the Indians down. Jai find accommodation in a group of young people (Mashhoor Amroh).

Jai knows that he can do Suhana fall in love with him, he could ultimately obtain permanent residence by marrying her. Jai also flirting with Nicole, the stripper in a strip club. But his brother, Russell, is against the Indians and attacked for a reason. Jai had left India to live a harmonious life, but located in the heart of a racist city disrupted. Honestly, you expect the author to get to the point of departure. Instead, it tends to focus on the romance (dull) between the lead couple, songs and (forced) comedy, while basic issue (racism) is a complete backseat to the first hour. The author should know that it is a thematic films and romantic comedy song routine can not be the first priority. But the point that both Indians and Australians are racist, and both parties must know the operation is indeed novel.

Crook is moved to the second hour, but it has more to do with Mohit Suris handling of the subject matter itself. Yet one can not understand why the Australian guy a change of heart when he zeroes in Neha towards the end. It would have taken at least one scene to clarify things. But in this case, the explanations are not forthcoming. There is no doubt that Mohit Suri is capable of much more, but the regular script does not really give wings to fly. Pritams music is the run of the mill variety, with Chhala is the choice of the lot.

Emraan Hashmi has jurisdiction, giving everything for the role. He looks aggressive when necessary, and expresses the helplessness well when he turns his back Neha into the point of the interval. Neha behave very well. Confidence is visible in several sequences. Gulshan Grover is hardly there. Mashhoor Amroh leaves a mark. Arjan Bajwa is right. Smilee Suri appears in a cameo. Australian actresses are nice. In total, Crook has its moments, but they are rare. It lacks the power that one associates with a film theme.

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