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Commando 2013 DVDScr Xvid Bollywood Movie Download

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Commando 2013 Bollywood Movie Story:

Leader Karanvir Dogra, a commando with 9 Para Commandoes of the Native indian Military accidents into the China part. Karan is not able to persuade the China of his bonafides as they don't discover any remains. They experience they can product him a spy and use this reason to humiliate the Native indian Govt. The Native indian Govt seems that under these conditions, the China will not agree to any evidence of Karan having damaged during a schedule coaching so they remove Karan's army history and basically refuse his lifestyle.

Karan goes out from the China part before he can be sentenced and passes across into Himachal Pradesh at the Lepcha boundary and moves through Kinnaur to achieve his platform at Pathankot. As Karan passes across the Himachal - Punjab boundary, he operates into a lady, Simrit who is getting out of from Amrit Kanwal Singh's goons. Amrit Kanwal Singh (a well known character) wants to get married to Simrit for governmental benefits as wedding will offer him some respectability. Karanvir alerts the goons to let go off her but they don't pay attention and keep the impact of his collected rage. Simrit far from being satisfied informs Karan that he has designed more problems for her and now he must companion her until she seems secure. Amrit Kanwal waylays them on the Andheria Link. Discovering himself outnumbered Karanvir leaps off the bridge with Simrit into a quick streaming stream which provides them into a woodlands. Karanvir learns Simrit's tale and guarantees to help her. He chooses to adhere to the forest path and then get out of it once they think that the warm on Simrit from Amrit Kanwal Singh and his men has passed away down. Amrit Kanwal Singh however chooses to engage in them.

Now starts a cat and rabbit activity between Amrit Kanwal, his men and Karan in the woodlands. Will Karan increase to the event and preserve Simrit and all the individuals residing under a leadership of fear revealed by Amrit Kanwal and his men or will AK74 as Amrit Kanwal is known in the place keep let reduce his leadership of fear..

Commando Movie Details:

Director: Dilip Ghosh
Release Date: 12 April 2013
Genre: Action
Star Cast: Vidyut Jamwal, Pooja Chopra, Jaideep Ahlawat

Commando Movie Screenshots:

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